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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 29, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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you it could get a little messy. let's get to storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson in the weather center. v.j. how are things looking right now? >> right now we're just fine. sure we're getting reports of mostly sleet throughout the area with a little bit of snow mixing in. i don't think it's until we get to around 6:00, 7:00 8:00 where road surface temperatures could be low enough to cause any issues. by then most everything on the radar will be out of here. here's what to expect. mostly sleet, rain south of d.c. a few icy patches mainly north, areas around 70, 270, i-83. 34 degrees in gaithersburg 38 in d.c. 34 in leesburg. it's this pock tote the north, northern montgomery county loudoun county frederick county, washington county where there could be issues late. the pink is sleet and snow mixing in leesburg warrenton, across i-66, 70, 270, areas of
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northern and western howard county now reports of sleet coming down throughout the area. that winter weather advisory continues through 9:00 p.m. into dare d.c. areas, prince william, prince george's county anne arundel county and up to the north. even after 9:00 p.m. we could see some refreezing taking place. watch for slick spots late tonight. this is a small, fast-moving system. we have another system coming up for the weekend. i know super bowl sunday. i'll have the details on that coming up. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. a man with ties to our area is now on the fbi's most wanted terror list. his name is liban haji mohammed a u.s. citizen but born in somali and worked as a cabdriver in washington. he left in 2012 to join the al shabab terror group in east africa. he is also a close associate of a convicted terrorist, zachary
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chesser. news4 covered this case extepsively when chesser was sentenced in 2011 serve 25g years in prison for trying to support that terror group. the fbi has a reward of up to $50,000 for information that leads to an arrest and conviction of mohammed. pete williams from nbc will joining us at 5:00 to brief us on this terror group. back to you. >> more than 200 passengers who should have arrived at dulles just moments ago likely won't get here until later tonight. some of them smelled something burning on board their flight and there were reports of smoke on the united airlines plane as well. that forced it to make an emergency landing about ten minutes after take off from l.a. this morning. this video is from earlier when the plane landed in ontario, california. the federal aviation administration reported a possible fire on board, but still no confirmation on exactly what caused that few minutes ago and the flight is now scheduled to arrive at dulles after 8:00 tonight.
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an evening of fun ruined by a devastatingent for a northern virginia family. their 6-year-old son is critically injured after sledding into a passing car. news4's david culvert is in mclean with the story. >> reporter: if you look just over my shoulder you can see the sled marks on this driveway. it's here that innocent fun turned tragic. a 6-year-old sledding down his neighbor's driveway last night going so fast that he hit a passing car. the child critically injured. he was flown to a nova fairfax hospital. outside their home you can see sleds piled up. neighbors say this community is full of children. police say the driver of that car, a 65-year-old woman, was not speeding nor under the influence. this was an accident police say. after it happened officers say the woman worked to help the injured child. >> this is certainly a tragic example of how quickly something can happen even when you're apparently doing the right things. >> reporter: and police tell me there was an adult who was
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supervising the children as they were sledding but that it all happened so quickly there was little that person could do. coming up at 5:00 tonight, you'll hear from a neighbor who baby sat for that family. in mclean, david culvert, news4. cruise are still working to fix a water main break that closed two schools in northeast d.c. the break is near the intersection of first and t streets. flooded area affected mckinley tech high school and langley elementary. about 30 minutes ago the school system told news4 it'll maikro bow calls to parents this evening to let them know if the water main has been fixed and whether the school tss are open tomorrow. there is concern about a montgomery county woman missing since december. 69-year-old elizabeth queen was last seen december 29th exactly a month ago. her sister said she's been diagnosed with schizophrenia and has trouble hearing. contact authorities right away if you have any information about her and if you want to share a picture of her, you can find that on our nbc washington
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facebook page. no bond this afternoon for sterling virginia man accused of murder for hire. police say dallas brunback a man to kill his wife. today prosecutors used a link to the ku klux klan to keep him locked up. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey is talking with some of those closest to this case and joins us live from the neighborhood on news4 at 5:00. two d.c. city government employees under investigation accused of swipe tharg tax-pair funded purchase cards to buy gas for their personal cars. scott mcfarlane broke the news online a short while ago and has details. law enforcement officials say it's two fire department employmentey who is drive government cars that are under investigation for this theft. one of those employees a female official with d.c. fire, is
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akutzed of buying $11,000 worth of gas for personal use with her government card. that includes the bp and exxon stations on pennsylvania avenue southeast. those purchases were captured by surveillance cameras and reviewed by investigators. in a second case, a male d.c. fire employee acued of swiping his card for gas for hi personal lexus and alternating the odometer readings on his cars when making those purchases to mask the alleged theft, investigators say. but they say he also sold that gasoline to other people. the led ded line has passed for isis to execute two of its hostages and tonight there is a lot of fear and worry whooefr's happened to them. while jordan has indicated it may meet the militants' demands, there are now new kuis about negotiating with terrorists. news4's steve handelsman is live on capitol hill with the details. what are you hearing? >> reporter: chris, thanks.
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obama administration officials criticized fir their prisoner exchanged that freed bowe bergdahl have mostly steered clear of commenting on this attack. no sign of to a prisoner swap on the syrian border. convicted terrorist sajida al rishawi remains in jordan. isis claims it holds a jordanian pilot shot down. but they won't take the word of isis. >> we want to see proof of life of the jordanian pilot. then we can talk about the exchange. >> reporter: with bowe bergdahl in mind and his exchange for taliban prisoner one iraq war veteran urged no more swaps with terrorists. >> we are handing them a huge propaganda victory in terms of legitimizeing them and in terms of recruitment. >> reporter: many in japan want this exchange. >> i'm kenji goto. >> reporter: japanese journalist kenji goto could get freed along
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with the jordanian pilot. back in the u.s. where an isis scare has forced airliners to divert while security looks for bombs, the fbi is looking for who's tweeting threats in the name of isis. secretary of homeland security jeh johnson protested. his budget to fight isis being held up by republicans upset over the obama immigration plan. >> our ability to fund aviation security maritime security port security and homeland security is severely constrained. >> reporter: tonight in japan and in jordan they're just desperate to save two of their own from an isis execution. six hours after the deadline a jordanian source told "the new york times" talks with isis had failed. steve handelsman news4. >> thanks steve. expanding the pot, the big decision that could help a lot of local kids.
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and digging through the rubble. a tragedy south of the border. the man who caused a lot of social media in the middle of a snowstorm explains why he pitched in along sacred ground. new details about an unexpected moment on capitol hill that's spreading like
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anne arundel county says police officers were in a marked cruiser with lights and siren blaring yesterday. the car reportedly pull out from a stop sign into the officer's path. they swerved but couldn't avoid the crash. police say the officers' juries are serious but not
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life-threatening. the death toll in the hospital blast in mexico city has been corrected. city officials tell nbc news two people were killed and more than 60 were injured nap's lower than 70% of the maternity hospital has collapsed and rescuers are digging through wreckage in case anyone is still trapped inside. the disaster began this morning when a gas tanker started leaking while making a routine delivery to the hospital's kitchen. there. there's been progress for parents looking for legal ied marijuana for kids with epilepsy. it cleared its first hurd until the general assembly. some kids experience debilitating surgeries and the parents tell lawmakers medical marijuana is the only thing that helps. they're supposed to help you through cold winter months but some heretos could do more harm than good. newly recalled heaters that
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could be in your home sxwroop a story we broke on our nbc washington app. a washington nationals player learns his fate in a case that have that put a lot of people in danger. and stormin clooney keeping busy this afternoon. the arrival of more wintry weather and another chance of snow on the horizon. when you've got something to share, you need upload speed. and only verizon fios gives you upload speeds... fast as your download speeds.
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hundreds of volunteers in d.c. maryland and virginia hit
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the streets this week to count to homeless population. last year's regional count found nearly 12,000 homeless people on the streets, more than half of them in d.c. news4 has reported most d.c. shelters are at or beyond capacity. the results of this year's count will be released in the spring. coming up at 5:00 hear from a young social worker who's dedicated her life to helping the area's homeless. retailer rei will open its first store in washington and it will be located at the site of the historic u line arena in northeast, which is now being turned into retail and office space. the building is perhaps best known as the site of the beatles' first u.s. concert. rei sells supplies for outdoor lovers and has locations in maryland and virginia. it will occupy the first floor of the arena. nationals outfielder jayson werth heads off to jail tomorrow as part of a deal. he pleaded guilty to reckless driving in a fair and accurate
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court today. he got a five-day sentence. werth will still be able to drive next month on a restricted license. he can take himself to work and physical therapy for his shoulder. a virginia state trooper pulled him over for doing more than 100 miles an hour on the beltway last summer. a nats spokesperson says the team doesn't condone reckless behavior and that it fully supports werth. let's take a live look at glendale arizona, where the seattle seahawks and new england patriots are just three days away from kicking off on american sports' biggest stage. about 20 minutes from the stadium we're hearing new reaction to a very serious topic that the nfl's had to deal with all season. jim handly is live in phoenix. jim, what are you hearing? >> reporter: yeah chris, this is an issue that's been haunting the nfl for months now, domestic violence. with all this celebratory atmosphere out here you barely hear a word on the top thick week. now, this sunday the nfl will launch its spot no more violence no more domestic
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violence. it's a powerful spot that we showed you last night. i had the chance today to talk with the wife of 16-year nfl veteran quarterback rodney peete. holly peete has been very vocal about this issue on "access hollywood" and a variety of talk shows. do we need to hear more about it this week? >> just from my inside sources i think the nfl is really forging ahead very very forcefully on all of the domestic violence issues, whether it be the rules and the, you know, collective bargaining or whatever that is but also just the public awareness. they've got a big super bowl spot so i like to see that. do i wish they'd done it earlier? yes. but do i think they understand the impact that they can have on domestic violence which is a really difficult predicament in this country? i think they get that. they're going to use their platform to help this issue. >> reporter: how are have you seen awareness be raised on this issue? >> oh i mean, i would love to see some metrics, some numbers on it because more people are
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continuescientious about domestic violence than ever before and it took a video for that to happen. but this is something that happens every day without videotape, and so we have to really really weed it out. >> reporter: here are some numbers back live on super bowl central on what fans are getting ready to spend. $78 as they get ready to prepare and watch for super bowl $10 more than last year and it includes tvs, food gear decorations. total spending by fans will reach more than $14 billion, of course an estimated 110 million people will be watching tv on nbc sunday night. speaking of halftime always exciting always popular. some tune in just for that. we'll be hearing from katy per aat 5:00 and 6:00. and ediena menzel who will be
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singing our national anthem. back to you guys in frozen d.c. >> you got it just wright. >> still rubbing it in. >> with good reason. how much and how long? >> only going to last about another three or four hours. the take-away from this forecast is the cold that will come in and how it will stay cold enough to support some real wintry-type weather around here. it comes this weekend, driving impact forecast for the evening, just isolated slick spots so this is a low-impact for, more of a conversational event as we do have some sleet that's falling now, eve an little bit of snow mixing in. as we get into the late evening hours once this moves out, by around 7:00 8:00 what's left on area roads untreated could refreeze. temperatures will be low enough tonight. but 34 between 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. check out storm team 4 radar.
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this is live scanning the area, right around d.c. mainly inside 495, but the pink is sleet and it has been hanging on the areas of western fair and accurate. northern montgomery county frederick county more snow now there. we've just seen that couple minutes from mostly sleet to snow. there's the back edge. it's through d.c. in about an hour and a half. so again, fast-moving event, which is why i think it will be over by 7:00 or 8:00. areas in blue these are the roads we have to watch as we get into the late evening hours. isolated slick spots but low impact. it's 70 270, north of 66 and of course even west around the areas of i 81. arias mainly up to the north. any untreated road of course bridges and overpasses. one system now, bigger storm for the weekend. just a reminder download our stormin clooney weather app. here we go for the evening, showers over by 9:00. we drop to 234 by 11:00 p.m. just going to be overcast. yes, we'll clear out tomorrow.
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we'll get some sunshine but it is going to be gusty around here. 7:00 a.m. 32 degrees. we hold throughout the day around 35 to 36. but windchills are going to be on the low side. from 20 to 25 degrees what it will feel like around noon to 5 to 15 degrees by the time you get to around 6:00. stormin clooney, four-day forecast. windy and 36 tomorrow well below the average of 44. dry first half of the weekend. your high temperature just 32 degrees. and right now for sunday 80% chance that we're going to see snow around here. monday 70% chance. so it's going to hang on as we go into the early part of the week. in fact looking at some heavy snow possible with this system sunday monday i'm going to show you a time line of this storm. take you through it. show you impacts for monday morning coming up just a little later in the newscast. stick around. >> thanks v.j. talk about a clean record we'll tell you which cars just
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earned a distinction for saving lives. plus the moment so many people are talking about today, the one-liner that's grabbing so much attention this afternoon and the response that takes it even further. super bowl xlix just a few days away. where will you watch the big game sunday night? >> it's our nbc washington flash survey of the day. during the break, cast your vote by texting or calling the number on your screen.
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metro's new silver line is bringing a lot more riders to tyson's corner prompting officials to propose changes to the fair tax connector bus service. riders are encouraged to offer their input at a community meeting tonight in vienna from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the freedom hill elementary school. any changes in service would take effect as early as this spring. the number of deadly highway accidents has plunged in recent years. when they do happen some vehicles do a better job of keeping you alive. the insurance institute of highway safety looked at fatal crashes in 2011. a record nine vehicles had a zero death rate. that means no one was killed in a crash involving those models. the nine vehicles are the audi a4 the honda odyssey, kia sorento, lexus rx 350, and mercedes-benz gl.
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also the subaru legacy, the toyota highlander hybrid the toyota se kwoi ya and the volvo xc 90. senator john mccain is make nothing apologies. he was at a senate hearing today and he called anti-war protesters lowlife scum. >> arrest henry kissinger for war crimes! >> protesters confronted henry kissinger as he entered a hearing of the armed services committee. senator mccain chairs that committee and called for police to remove those protesters. after a few minutes many of the demonstrators took their seats. but one continued the disrupt the hearing. that's when senator mccain lashed out. >> you know, you're going to have to shut up or i'm going to have you arrested. get out of here, you lowlife scum. >> wow. strong words. senator mccain just released a statement saying the protesters
4:28 pm
physically intimidated kissinger, who is 91 years old. the senator says he's never seen such a thing during his careers in the capitol and he wants the protesters held fully accountable. three people were removed from the room but police didn't arrest anyone. more snow than they know what to do with but for so many time is running out to do something about it. here at home storm team 4 radar shows what a messy commute so many people are in for. we're staying on top of it.
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welcome back. first at 4, i'm pat lawson muse. >> jim handly is out in phoenix. i'm chris lawrence. at 4:30 a plane bound for dulles international makes an emergency landing outside l.a. people on board the united flight reported seeing smoke. no one was hurt and they'll complete the journey to washington later tonight. a former d.c. cab driver now on the fbi most wanted terror list. liban haji mohamed is accused of leading ing leaving the u.s. to join the terror group al shabab. we're tracking another round of wintry weather. veronica johnson has an update. >> umbrellas popped everywhere. this is storm team 4 radar. everywhere you see the grain it's mostly rain showers that are falling right now. inside the beltway, d.c. areas
4:32 pm
right up route 1 there as well as 29. you get north into areas like bucky's town and damascus mt. airy and this is mostly snow with a little sleet trying to mix in. right around 15 areas 270, 795, 83 to our north. road temperatures hanging on down south, but north they're dropping. so around 7:00, 8:00, we could see isolated slick spots. big impact storm coming our way for the weekend. i'll show you when coming up. a lot of communities to our north still have a lot of digging out to do from this week's blizzard. it's a big job. >> sure is. but there's an extra incentive to clear those sidewalks sooner rather than later. our reporter is in hartford connecticut, where the fines are about to kick in. >> reporter: it's the sound we've been hearing a lot lately across the state -- but in enfield, the digging has a
4:33 pm
deadline. >> i think it is a good idea. it gets you motivated. >> reporter: town officials say you have to get up and grab your shovel by 5:00 p.m. to clear your property unless you want to grab your wallet and pay a $75 fine. >> people have to walk on the street if they can't walk on the sidewalk. so it's dangerous. >> reporter: dangerous for the students heading back to the bus stop for the first time since the storm today. latonya deleone just got done digging, a good deed while letting her teenage boys sleep in. >> i let them sleep & did the shoveling. >> reporter: how long did that take you? >> they made you breakfast. >> reporter: you got some payoff. it's a different story at the house next door. >> i wish somebody would take care of that side. i would but it's a lot of work. >> reporter: the crosswalk is clear on hartford avenue one of the last streets to be plowed out in enfield but if you look at this lot behind me this is the sidewalk and it's yet to be shovelled out. >> it's public safety. >> reporter: the enfield police
4:34 pm
chief says most of the violations come in after neighbors call in to complain. >> the town charges a dollar a foot. >> reporter: he says in some years the town has collected as much as $20,000 from the ticket deuce to their strict enforcement of the clean up or pay up policy. in enfield, nbc connecticut news. up in boston icy streets and piles of snow made it tough for firefighters to get to a house fire this morning. the district fire chief said his crew had to carry ladders and other equipment down the snowy street and it took twice as long as usual to get to the scene. one person dieded in that blaze but it's not clear if the delay itself is to blame. today the man who shovelled the snow off the boston marathon finish line said he was surprised at the kind of impact he made. he shovelled the finish line on tuesday. a nearby resident posted his picture on twitter and as we told you yesterday on news4 at 4:00 twitter hashtags and the police department helped track him down. he was shocked that the image
4:35 pm
had gone viral and says he did it because such an iconic symbol doesn't deserve to be covered in snow. >> to me it was more about the spirit of the boston marathon and the incredible amount of encouragement and positivity that surround the event and just how much people including myself love the race. and they leave the finish line in the street year round to remind everybody how awesome of an event it is and how awe sh boston is. so i wanted to uncover it. >> he said it was weird seeing his face all over twitter. we are waiting for more information about why this small plane made an emergency landing this afternoon. it landed on a busy new jersey highway. the single-engine plane appeared to be entirely intact. no one in the plane or on the ground was hurt. faa is continuing to investigate. today the search continues for a missing virginia teenager and there is reason to believe he is in danger.
4:36 pm
james marston is 17 years old. he was missing around this time yesterday. the police went out with a k-9 unit and a helicopter unit to look for him. last time anybody saw him he was in the white oak area of southern stafford county. they rushed into a burning home and tonight two people are alive because of it. prince george's county firefighters say a neighbor, a bystander and an off-duty firefighter saw smoke pouring out of this house in berwyn heights. they were on seminole place and decided to run in there to see if anyone was inside. there was pap a 60-year-old woman and her 80-year-old father. coming up on five small, the firefighter who pulled those people out describes the rescue and why they're lucky to be alive. tomorrow a judge will sentence the hyattsville man who hit and killed a university of maryland student. liam adepto pled guilty in november to leaving a an accident scene. it's part of a plea agreement.
4:37 pm
this is video of him stumbling out of a bar last january. moments later he crashed into 22-year-old cory hubbard as he was crossing route 1. he faces up to two years in prison. getting into shape for the gridiron. it might not be as hard as you think. some big names are sharing their simple secret for getting into shape and staying that way. the blizzard of 2015 shut down entire cities but it couldn't stop a big surprise for one mother caught right in the
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an aggressive program is being re-evaluated to see fit's effective in controlling the growing coyote population in a virginia community. warrenton county pays its residents to kill coyotes. they get $50 per animal. according to the website, the so-called coyote bounty program started 50 years ago. since then the county has shelled out $21,000 in payments. about 30 hunters take part every year. this weekend, millions of us are going to sit around and eat nachos wings, and my personal vorite guacamole, watch some of america's best athletes. so what can we learn from them about staying in shape?
4:41 pm
nbc's erica edward found out it all starts with a xwoe goh ma map. >> this is tiptoe pose. >> these football players are just in high school. >> take that left leg up and back. >> reporter: but they've already learned one valuable lesson -- tough guys do yoga. >> it's just made me feel stronger in the areas where i feel like i'd like to be stronger -- my core my shoulders, my hips my legs. >> reporter: that's professional football hall of famer mike haynes endorsing yoga for its ability to improve strength agility, and range of motion. he also says if you're not exercising the with your family start now. >> i have a 13-year-old daughter. she woke up one morning and said dad, let's go running, and i definitely did not want to get up and run with her before school at 6:00 in the morning. >> reporter: but run he did and credits hi kids with helping him stay active. new england patriots linebacker jonathan casillas says core strength is vital. >> if i didn't have time to work out i'd knock out some core just to make sure some planks
4:42 pm
sit-ups, whatever i do a circuit. >> reporter: what you put into your body is just as important as what you do with it. new york giants punter steve weatherford has been quoted saying his energy levels are higher when his diet is filled with plant-based proteins like quinoa. of course these men have careers that depend on staying physically fit, but their advice may help the rest of us mere mortals live long and healthy lives. erica edwards, nbc news. >> reporter: a member of president obama's cabinet hits the streets of d.c. to help count the homeless population. i'm mark segraves and i'll tell you why coming up. and stormin clooney is team 4 is tracking our next round of wintry weather. v.j.? >> that's right. some folks probably hearing it on their window panes already. gusty and cold tomorrow as that cold air comes nonhere, that's the setup for the weekend.
4:43 pm
sunday monday the kind of snow we're going to have to shovel.
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
it's going to be plenty cold tonight, but that may be the least of our concerns come this weekend. >> yeah. we're going to get on a roll so this weekend yes, we're talking snow. a lot of folks will be preparing on saturday because we're talk tact kind of snow where you will have to shovel. we'll show you which counties could have the highest amounts in just a bit.
4:46 pm
first, though, the cold and that really is t big story for tomorrow the cold the wind and very low windchill readings. we start with a look at friday 6:00 a.m. find your neighborhood here. if you can't find it again, you can always get those little details on our nbc 4 app, storm team 4 app. leesburg 22 in the morning, 21 around german town gaithersburg as we get into the lunch town hour around noon, what it will feel like anywhere from 22 to 26 across the area 26 that feels-like factor in leesburg, the wind continues and we drop to the single digits and teens those values by late afternoon and early saturday morning. single digits through across the area. so the cold starts tomorrow and goes right through the weekend. here's a look at noon sunday. snow stepping into the area your time line here from frederick to d.c. to fredericksburg a chance for some snow but with a better chance i think more widespread around 2:00 or 3:00 and then it just continues to move in by 6:00 7:00 and on through during the evening. if you've got plans, again, this
4:47 pm
is so important what happens with this storm system because it will be impacting our area on monday snow likely at 5:00 p.m. super bowl sunday your temperatures 33 we're at 31 by 11:00 with snow-covered roads. and, yes, a couple of inches but meteorologist doug kammerer you've bp taking a look at what areas could be really impacted the greatest from this storm system. >> yeah veronica. we first mentioned the fact we really like this pattern for snow during the day yesterday. what i mean by that is this is not your typical storm that will be making its way out of the north and then maybe the rain/snow line moves in. this is different. we call these storms southern sliders. they come back from the west. cold air is in place. saturday is going to be one cold day. you know we've got the cold air in place. the system itself actually is way down toward the southwest. that's where the moisture is coming from. it will combine be with an area of low pressure up to the north and give us a storm system that develops just down to our south, keeping the cold air there. that means we have a very good chance for accumulating snowfall. how about the impacts on sunday?
4:48 pm
we think there will be moderate impacts. that includes folks towards extreme southern maryland, the northern neck areas around fredericksburg and then a high-impact event we're calling for upwards of 4 inches or more of snow, probably the biggest snowfall we've seen this season easily, especially in the d.c. rhett meth row area for late sunday into the day on monday. lit affect everybody getting out for super bowl parties. >> disruptive storm, something we haven't seen in a big way yet this winter. disruptive storm, enough to shovel and we're looking at some monday cancellations coming our way. of course you can always follow me. we're posting more graphics on our facebook page. you can follow me on twitter. here's a look at your storm team 4 forecast. snow coming our way second half of the weekend, early part of next week another chance of a little bit of snow and rain mixed on wednesday. but this is a big storm system and we'll continue to look at the latest information and have that for you on news4 at 5:00.
4:49 pm
as the patriots prepare for the super bowl one of their former stars is now on trial for murder. attorneys delivered opening statements today in the trial of aaron hernandez. he's accused of taking nart the 2013 murder of his friend oden lloyd. >> chris pollone has more on this developing story. >> reporter: after being delayed for the trial of former pro bowl tight end aaron hernandez finally got under way thursday in fall river, massachusetts. the prosecutor laid out a time line for jurors using surveillance video, text messages and cell phone tower information to piece together the final hours in the life of hernandez's friend semipro football player odin lloyd. >> they drove to a secluded isolated area in norte attleboro. there will hef shot six times. >> reporter: hernandez is accused of killing lloyd in june 2013. the prosecutor revealed police
4:50 pm
discovered a bullet shell casing at the crime scene with hernandez's dna on it. in his opening statement, defense attorney phi michael fee says just because hernandez was at the crime scene doesn't mean he ordered the killing or took part in it. fee said hernandez had no reason to kill his friend lloyd and called the investigation sloppy. >> they locked on aaron and targeted him, even when they developed evidence that two other men, who unlike aaron were not friends with odin were with aaron and odin that night. >> reporter: when the defense finished in a somewhat unusual move the judge told the jury that prosecutors don't have to prove who pulled the trigger the night lloyd was killed. >> he wasn't the shooter is really what they're getting down to and was just simply present perhaps at the time that occurred and the judge offering that instruction, which is really more of a pro-prosecution instruction i think is truling. >> reporter: the trial is expected to last four to six weeks and hernandez faces life in prison if convicted.
4:51 pm
chris pollone, nbc news boston. sunbeam is recalling 34,000 oil-filled heaters due to a scalding hazard. we're talking about the holmes brand. the firm has gotten 40 reports about the units unexpectedly spraying heating oil resulting in property damage. no injuries have been reported. the heretos were sold at target and small department stores nationwide between last august and november. if you have one of these you should stop using the unit and unplug it. also contact sunbream for instructions on how to get a refund refund. nissan is recalling nearly 800,000 vehicles. more than half a million of them are the popular rogue crossovers from 2008 and 2013. nissan says moisture can seep through the driver's side floor. that can cause an electrical short to the wiring and start a fire. the company is also recalling about 215,000 pathfinder suvs from the 2013-2014 season.
4:52 pm
so far there are no reports of crashes or injuries related to the recalls. the grief and the anger are flaring up again around the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370. today aviation authorities declared the loss of the plane an accident. they presume the plane ran out of fuel and crashed in the indian ocean ten months ago. this declaration clears the way for compensation claims but some family members of the missing passengers are suspicious and say that there's no evidence to support malaysia's conclusion. talk about bad timing. a big surprise as a blizzard rages. >> i was just like please get me out of here get me to the hospital in time. >> what she had to do to make sure that she and her family were safe in a race against time. >> reporter: i'm pat collins. i have dashcam video of a police chase. a police chase of a truck, a big
4:53 pm
truck, a big yellow truck. it's like something you'd see on "cops"! but it happened right here. that story coming pup. he was once an exalted psi clops in the ku klux klan. today a judge denied bond for dallas brumback now charged in a murder-for-hire plot.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
snow totaling nearly three
4:56 pm
feet can stop a whole lot of things but it couldn't stop two babies from entering the world in massachusetts. nbc's alicia palumbo explains why and where a woman gave birth to twins at the height of this week's blizzard. >> hello! it's mommy. oh, that's awesome. >> reporter: gabrielle and aaliyah couldn't wait another day to meet their mommy of worcester, massachusetts. the twin who were due february 27th decided to come five weeks early in the middle of the city's historic blizzard. >> it was ferocious. like the snow was going everywhere. you could barely see. >> reporter: she was home monday night when her water broke, and with her boyfriend's car snowed in they called 911. >> i was crying to the paramedics i can't walk i can't walk. you know he's like you can do it you can make it. so we get into the ambulance. there was, like snow everywhere. it was crazy. but that wasn't even my concern.
4:57 pm
i was just like please get me out of here and get me to the hospital in time. >> reporter: but little gabriel couldn't quite wait long enough to make the shortrom park avenue to umass memorial on belmont street so one of the paramedics had to deliver him in the middle of the storm. >> he looks down he's like oh my god, oh my god you breached and i could tell he probably didn't deliver baby before. so we're both like looking at each other like oh my god, and he's on the phone, he's like your baby's coming. and then another big push my baby was out on the stretcher. >> reporter: she says a minute later they made it to the e.r. where aaliyah, not as adventure adventurous as her older brother, was delivered by doctors and nurses there. both are in the nic-u wing doing amazingly well. i v. >> they're amazing. >> reporter: and she's in love. >> he's just looking around. hi my little angel. >> reporter: the babies should be able to go home with their mom next week. at 5:00, the return of more wintry weather.
4:58 pm
right now at 5:00, a wintry mix is sweeping in as people across our area make their way home. >> chief meteorologist doug kammerer is going to lead us off with the winter weather advisory. doug man, the beginning of a very active weekend. >> yeah you could say that again. out there right now, temperatures on the cold side and we have sleet, we have snow we have rain all falling in our area. but there's some very good news here. you folks back towards loudoun county so many of you getting back to me on twitter and facebook saying it's pouring sleet here. it's gone. look where it is now, right around i-95 down through southern maryland. other than that it is out of the area. we will not see any more from this overnight tonight. gaithersburg columbia mixture of sleet and snow in this area down to the south around bowie also seeing sleet and that coming through the district eve an coating of sleet in parts of the area. down to the south, more rain dwoun toward portions of southern maryland.
4:59 pm
heads up there. we could see some slick roads and that's why we have that winter weather advisory. it inclulds anne arundel county all the way back towards the west until 9:00 but i expect this to be cut back as we move on through the evening as this continues to move out of here. coming up cold air, a lot of wind and then what should be our biggest snowstorm this season. all that coming up for you at 5:15. and developing right now, a man who called northern virginia his home is now one of the fbi's most wanted terrorists. agents are offering a $50,000 reward for the capture of liban haji mohamed. nbc's chief justice correspondent pete williams joins us here with more on the charges against him. how did he get on their radar and what's the timing of this? >> well, the fbi says that he was trying to support the terror group in east africa known as al shabab. now, this is the group that's been very active in somalia, the group that in 2013 was said to be behind that mass shooting at
5:00 pm
the shopping center in nairobi, kenya. and the fbi says he was a u.s. citizen, born in somalia, that he -- and that he was a friend of the man you're looking at right ry chesser. this young man was sentenced in 2011 to 25 years in prison for trying to support al shabab. he was accused and pleaded guilty to trying to put messages on the internet threatening the creators of "southpark" among other allegations. as for mohamed, the fbi says he left the united states in 2012 on his u.s. passport trying to go to al shabab in somalia and there's an arrest warrant that was just unsealed but the interesting thing is the date on the arrest warrant is february of 2014. so now it's clear that the fbi has been t


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